Sunday, March 20, 2011

Artificial Plants & Flowers

Artificial plants and flowers are as the name suggests are fake or imitation of the original fauna and flora. They are the stunning plants that you don’t have to water, ever. They never perish. In today’s world these are used for decoration at films, television and stage productions, shopping centers, casinos, retirement villages and hotels apart from being installed at homes and offices. The manufacturers are creating these, keeping in mind the objective of low cost maintenance and complete freedom of design.

Artificial flowers can be made from glass, paper, porcelain and plastic. The most popular ones are the ones made from silk! There is a diverse range of yuccas, succulents, aloes, bamboos, palms, cycads etc, and various types of flowers, foliages, fruits and branches. A range of fibreglass pots in different shapes and sizes suitable for variety of different artificial plants, hand made trees with different leaf options (ficus, sakaki, camellia, maple and willow to name a few) can be found here. Some professionals specialize in commercial designs. They can set up and entire garden (traditional style garden, succulent garden or a tropical theme garden) from start to finish. There are planters and troughs (which can be used for separating or screening an area), balcony plants, wallpots and hanging baskets. You can also locate dealers who give artificial plants and flowers on hire. You can also look for home decorative needs including urns, stone carvings, wall hangings, scented rose petals, candles and picture frames. There are services which install or construct custom designed water features, fountains and ponds.

There are specialists who have both traditional and contemporary designs suited to your needs anywhere.

Monday, February 21, 2011

2011 Chevrolet Volt Pictures

The 2011 Chevrolet Volt pictures capture attention

The 2011 Chevrolet Volt feature the striking but compact hybrid vehicle that promises to deliver 40 miles of gasoline free driving. The Volt has five doors and provides seating for 4 people. The car offers reasonable room for the legs and for seating with a manually adjustable driver’s seat. Apparently the electronic controls for the seat would have added more weight and consequently increased the fuel consumption.

Chevrolet Volt interior design pictures

Storage spaces such as the boot and cup holders are well placed and roomy. High resolution LCD screens make it easy for the driver to get information pertaining to the vehicle performance as well as tips for making the ride more efficient. The touchscreen feature offers additional functionality for programming such things as the charging schedule.

High Tech features on the Chevrolet Volt of 2011 pictures

The 2011 Chevrolet Volt has a GPS radio and in addition offers a three month trial of the XM NavTraffic feature. This feature provides real time traffic information that will help you optimise your fuel economy. The sound system is lighter, more energy efficient and more compact but is still able to deliver quality comparable to bigger systems. The car also capitalises on information technology by providing 30GB storage space for audio data. The storage space also allows you to record up to 20 minutes of audio from the radio. Bluetooth technology allows the driver to answer and end calls hands free. A USB port allows you to plug in music from other devices such as MP3 players or jump drives. Your player will be charged in the process of playing your favourite tunes, speaking of convenience. The car also features a remote starter, hence you will not need to fumble with car keys. If you have an iPhone you will be able to get information about the status of your car directly on the phone.

The 2011 Chevrolet Volt pictures versus competition

Competitors are the Nissan Leaf which is an electric car, the Toyota Prius. These are better when it comes to cost but in terms of performance the Volt seems to offer more.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011 Ford Focus Pictures

The 2011 Ford Focus pictures feature different styles

The pictures of the 2011 Ford Focus feature four different trims to choose from namely S, SES, SEL and SE. Basically the Ford Focus is a four door sedan and the different trims have some differences in features. There are some optional features that can be added if required. The S trim is the most basic. In terms of appearance the SE has added foglights, 15 inch alloy wheels and a rear decklid spoiler. The SES has 17 inch painted wheels and an exhaust and suspension system that is performance tuned.

What advantage does the 2011 Ford Focus have?

The 2011 Ford Focus is economical. The Ford Focus is affordable in terms of pricing and in addition offers good fuel economy. There is also some flexibility when choosing the optional features. This means that if you cannot afford the extras you can still buy the car in a state that is within your reach and buy extra features when the finances are available.

Interior design pictures of the 2011 Ford Focus

The Ford Focus offers reasonable leg room. The head room is excellent in the models without the sunroof. The models with the sunroof also have reasonable head room. The doors have large openings which allow for comfortable entry into the car and comfortable exit as well. The seats are relatively comfortable but could present some problems for long distance travel.

Amenities of the 2011 Ford Focus

The manufacturers of the Ford Focus have incorporated some key technological features to enhance the driving experience. The Ford Focus features power door locks and keyless entry in all of the styles. There is also a driver message center and the MyKey Systems. The MyKey systems feature gives parents the ability to determine the maximum speed the car can reach thus giving parents some degree of control over the young drivers. Parents can also set the maximum stereo volume. The SYNC system allows drivers to get real time information pertaining to traffic conditions via Bluetooth media services. Pictures of the 2011 Ford Focus reveal that the manufacturer has made some interesting improvements.