Sunday, March 20, 2011

Artificial Plants & Flowers

Artificial plants and flowers are as the name suggests are fake or imitation of the original fauna and flora. They are the stunning plants that you don’t have to water, ever. They never perish. In today’s world these are used for decoration at films, television and stage productions, shopping centers, casinos, retirement villages and hotels apart from being installed at homes and offices. The manufacturers are creating these, keeping in mind the objective of low cost maintenance and complete freedom of design.

Artificial flowers can be made from glass, paper, porcelain and plastic. The most popular ones are the ones made from silk! There is a diverse range of yuccas, succulents, aloes, bamboos, palms, cycads etc, and various types of flowers, foliages, fruits and branches. A range of fibreglass pots in different shapes and sizes suitable for variety of different artificial plants, hand made trees with different leaf options (ficus, sakaki, camellia, maple and willow to name a few) can be found here. Some professionals specialize in commercial designs. They can set up and entire garden (traditional style garden, succulent garden or a tropical theme garden) from start to finish. There are planters and troughs (which can be used for separating or screening an area), balcony plants, wallpots and hanging baskets. You can also locate dealers who give artificial plants and flowers on hire. You can also look for home decorative needs including urns, stone carvings, wall hangings, scented rose petals, candles and picture frames. There are services which install or construct custom designed water features, fountains and ponds.

There are specialists who have both traditional and contemporary designs suited to your needs anywhere.