Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jar wedding candles

Jar wedding candles can be an excellent gift to a wedding couple. Usually on an occasion like a wedding we get confused about the selection of a gift. Jar wedding candles are the perfect gifts.

These candles are made by using different types of wax. Though paraffin wax is the most common but soy wax is catching popularity these days. Soy wax is eco-friendly. Therefore marketers are encouraging the buyers to buy those jar wedding candles that are made of soy wax. Soy wax is made of vegetable oil that is a product of soybeans. This oil has a low melting point.

Jar wedding candles can be decorated according to your taste. Some come with gems and rhinestones attached to the jars, while some have special messages etched on them. You can personalize the jar wedding candles by adding tulle or lace or even tags. The jar wedding candles are made of glass and can be elegantly decorated. They are great for making candle wedding favors and can have trinkets in them.

If the wedding occasion belongs to you then you can have jar wedding candles that are theme based. For example you can use spiced candles for a fall wedding or heart shaped candles for a Valentines Day wedding. In case you want a colorful theme you can use candles that come in jars which are of various colors; from cobalt blue to white! It is important to maintain the color scheme as you don’t want to look cluttered on your wedding. Whatever the theme or style of your wedding is, there will certainly be jar wedding candles to match. The worth of candles cannot be undermined in the ceremony of the wedding and there is nothing that can compete with the special significance of candles. Jar wedding candles are available with wax having stunning red rose colors or pink colors to accentuate the sense of romance. While the traditional couples can go for pillar style the sensuous ones can choose heart shaped, votives or brass jar wedding candles.

Jar wedding candles come with many fragrances. The aroma that fills the air when the candles are lighted augments the mood. It becomes perfect accessory to the wedding parties and creates an ambience that is magical. Now-a-days some of the scents that are available are rose, dahlia, peony, mayflower, lotus, chrysanthemum, hibiscus, cattleya orchid and night blooming jasmine. Moreover aroma those come from the essential oils like the rosemary oil and the juniper oil are supposed to be used for therapies in treating patients having certain psychological problem.

The wax of the jar wedding candles is poured in glass containers. The glass is recyclable and hence this attaches more importance to the jar wedding candles. By using them you are proving that you are environmentally conscious and a responsible citizen of this world. You can also make these candles at home. Different types of jars are found in the market. You need to be a little creative and with perfect choice of right ingredients you can make beautiful jar wedding candles.

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