Friday, August 28, 2009


An audio book is a recorded version of the normal book. This phenomenon became popular in mid 1980’s. Booksellers used to have audio books on their shelves. It came as a boon to the people who were blind and to those who could not read. Earlier these audio books were available with the local shop dealers. But now with the advent of time and an increasing internet population, many online stores have emerged in this field. They cater to you with great efficiency and your audio books are just a click away. The Audio Book Store is one of the leading online e-shop. There are few simple steps that you have to follow in order to download any audio book
Once you are in the site you are guided to install audible software that is free of cost. You can also use iTunes to download the audio. There is a collection of over 40,000 audio books, magazines, newspapers and podcasts!! In case you are interested in listening to the downloaded audio from a different device, you can transfer it easily.
It is not necessary to sign-up but it is advisable. As a member you get 30% discount on downloading an additional audio book apart from the free one per month.

There is a facility of roll over credit. In this case if you are too busy in downloading one audio book this month then your credit gets rolled over to the next month and you can utilize this credit for upto 6 months.
Your Audio book gets bookmarked once you switch off the player. You can then resume listening from where you left it.
The audio format is more compact than an MP3 file. A quality makes that saves space and you can add more.

Why go anywhere else when for a mere US $7.49 you are getting an excellent audio book within seconds!One good audio store is

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