Sunday, August 9, 2009

Online Poker Fiasco – Gaining Momentum

The US lawmakers are once again disturbed by the online gambling issues after seizing $30 million in the online poker player winnings. The issue has gained momentum in the nation and the online gambling community wants obvious answers.

Some people, who do not play gamble online, are least bothered about the fact. But, people who have been playing online poker for years have not been able to find anything illegal about playing poker on the Internet, in any of the law books. So why is the US government springing up the matter once again? The online gambling industry has asked for clear definitions about the legal aspects time and again, but has failed to get any comprehensible response from the lawmakers.

With the onset of global economical crunch, people are finding alternative means to survive – and playing online poker is helping them. However, the US government has decided to interfere with their money further adding to their financial problems. This has sparked a row and some groups are planning to bring forth their protests in front of the government.

Representative Barney Frank had crafted a Bill to legalize online gambling. This fiasco will bring this Bill into the limelight.

European Union has further aggravated the situation by informing the US government of taking a legal action against their decision and approaching the World Trade Organization if they do not bring positive changes to their Internet gambling laws.

This problem will definitely spark a series of arguments in the near future.

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