Saturday, July 4, 2009


Heat Stroke

Every year numerous cases of heat stroke are reported across the globe. Heat stroke is caused due to hyperthermia or excessive heating of body. The body temperature rise to an abnormally high level and is accompanied by physical and neurological symptoms. Each individual will have different symptoms of heat stroke. The physical symptoms include body ache, head ache, nausea, exhaustion and giddiness. The neurological symptoms include confusion, hallucination and sometimes a bizarre conduct. People, who are dehydrated, and who are exposed to sun for a prolonged period of time, can develop heat stroke. Athletes, travelers, elderly people and children are the most common victims of this condition. If not taken seriously, heat stroke may prove to be fatal.

Heat stroke not only affects Homo sapiens, it affects animals too. As a matter of fact, the animal can be in a near death condition, within a span of ten minutes. At times, the pet owners leave their pets in the vehicles, just to return in a minute or two. But this short while can make your pet salivate or pant excessively, even leading to a collapse. Don’t let this happen to your pet. On a sunny day if you park your car out under sun, the inside temperature of the car can climb up to 120 degrees F within 30 minutes! This high heat can influence the normal body functioning of the pets leading to intravascular clotting, hemorrhaging, cerebral edema and kidney failure.

It is best to prevent yourself from such a situation. Replenish your body by having lots of fluids if you are on a workout regime or traveling in a hot and humid weather. Wear hats and loose clothes. Take rest at short intervals.
Never leave your pets unattended in the car. Ensure that you are carrying enough water for them while taking them out in sun.

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