Saturday, July 4, 2009

Installing drip irrigation system for your vegetable garden

Do you want to make gardening easier and have improved plants? Then install a drip irrigation system. Originally developed by Simcha Blass, in Israel, this technology was used to irrigate the vast desert lands for effective farming. The drip irrigation systems spread out the water supply enabling more water to reach to the roots of the plants. This system is 90% more efficient than the sprinkler systems whose efficiency lies at a mere 50%-60%.

Types of irrigation systems

Compliance of drip irrigation system

Enhanced water absorption by the plant roots

The water supplied by a proper drip irrigation system, is maintained at a low flow. This ensures that a correct volume of water runs in the rows of the plants and garden. The system works very well with the vegetable gardens where optimal water flow and optimal air conditions are essential components in the development of healthy plants. The controlled flow of water prevents erosion to a great extent thereby automatically controlling the exposure of roots to the air. Moreover since the water is running slowly, the air does not get displaced, keeping the balance of air and water intact, in soil.

Efficient in watering hilly areas

Gardener’s best friend

The drip irrigation system is the gardener’s best friend because the water flow is guided and doesn’t spray as it does in case of water sprinklers. The concrete areas in the garden do not get water. This helps in prevention of growth of green algae on the driveways and walkways. The green algae are very slippery and can cause accidents.

Some drawbacks of drip irrigation systems


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