Monday, December 14, 2009

What is Web Traffic?

Prior to understanding how web traffic works, you must know what web traffic is. Basically web traffic is the information that is sent by the online users or ‘Netizens’ on any website. It is dependent on the amount of netizens visiting the website. So, the more they visit that website, the more the web traffic would be. Web traffic entails looking at the popular pages of a website in a particular region. Enhanced number of visitors to a webpage would lead to web traffic. In other words, the popularity of a website can be measured by tracking the web traffic.

‘Hits’ is the term that is associated with web traffic. When a user searches for a popular keyword and hits your website or views its page, as a consequence the web traffic increases.

If you want to analyze web traffic, you must look at the traffic in the web server that is hosting the website.

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