Friday, April 9, 2010

Drip Irrigation System – Most Efficient Way to Water your Garden

One of the last things that you need is wasted water in your garden from the drip irrigation system you have installed. There are a few pointers for solving this problem.

1. If you are using sprinkler irrigation, then type of sprinkler head determines the application rate for your lawn. It is the quantity of water that is discharged from a sprinkler at any given point of time.

2. There are 2 types of sprinklers – spray sprinklers and rotor sprinklers. The spray types have a larger application rate and they can be easily used on flat surfaces. The rotor sprinklers have a low application rate, and they are good for uneven terrain. In case you have a mixed landscape, try using both of these sprinkler heads.

Drip irrigation is one of the best ways to water your lawns. In this type of irrigation several tubes with open holes are present. The holes are present at regular intervals. In contrast to the sprinkler systems, the drip irrigation effectively targets the specific garden beds and therefore water wastage is avoided. The holes present on the tubes can be customized according to the way you have placed your plants. This way water is not wasted in the areas between the plants.

Drip irrigation is effectively used in areas where shrubs and flowers are grown. However, ensure that you do not drown your plants. To avoid that situation, you can water them at regular intervals. This way soil will absorb water and get ready for the next flow of water rather than getting flooded.

Also, remember that watering plants during morning time is best as during afternoon the water may evaporate and at night it may encourage fungus growth as the leaves tend to remain wet at night.

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