Sunday, October 11, 2009

When I Started Photography

When I started photography, I just saw it as a medium to capture moments which I liked the most. I never thought of looking at the greater scenario of background images or good lighting. But one thing I knew that if the scenery was good, the picture will definitely turn good. However, in this venture I lost many a good moments in illegible prints. No matter what your camera's brand is, it is important to look at other factors too. You must look at the background; how it will look and how much light is there. The intensity of light can make or mar your photograph. If there is too much light, your object may appear too bright. As a matter of fact the colors of the subject will appear brighter. The grass will appear light green and the water may appear more blue than required.

Then I just put my camera on a different mode, and took pictures. Then somebody told me that when you take the pictures, you should imagine the entire frame and focus on the subject you want to highlight. I am not a technical person but this has improved my photography a lot.

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