Friday, October 2, 2009


Computer freeze ups are such an annoyance, but they can be prevented. Here are a few ways of how to prevent a computer freeze up:
1. Most of the computer slow happens due to lack of RAM. Whenever you operate on the computer you use some of the available memory. So if you have opened many applications, all your memory is used and your computer freezes. So when your computer slows, try stopping these programs and use only a few at a time. In case you have less RAM, you can predict that with many applications on, your computer will freeze.

2. Go for routine maintenance. Your computer will work just like your car if it is maintained on a regular basis. Try to defragment your computer to gather all the data files which have moved away from each other over time. Additionally if your registry has many files which are not supposed to be included, it will take more time than usual for the requests to get fulfilled by the computer. This will surely lead to Computer Freeze ups. So, go for registry cleaning.

3. How about scanning for spyware and viruses? The spyware sucks away your RAM and even modifies your registry. Install an anti virus, which keeps updating on its own.

These simple warnings can predict that your computer will freeze up. If taken care of, your computer freeze will be a distant nightmare.

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