Sunday, October 25, 2009

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Are you tired of using your mouse? Don’t worry you can use the keyboard now to make your computer more interactive. Here are a few shortcuts which will help you a lot. I keep using them often.

Ctrl + C = Copy what you have selected

Ctrl + V = Paste what you have copied
In case you have to cut the selected entry then:

Ctrl + X

In case you want to undo a certain action then press:

Ctrl + Z

Ctrl + Y will re-do that action

If you want to delete something then just press ‘Delete’. However if you want to permanently delete the selected entry, press Shift + Del.

In case you want to rename the selected entry then simply press ‘F2’.

If you want to select more than one text or item, press ‘Shift + arrow key (any)’.

In case you want to search for a file or folder press ‘F3’.

‘Alt + F4’ will close the window or any program that is currently on display.

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