Thursday, October 1, 2009

COMPUTER FREEZES – Tips and Tricks on What to Do

Computer Freezes and the windows stop responding often. What are the main issues that cause this? They can an issue related to your software or drive. Sometimes Computer freezes due to issues related to the operating system. If your computer slow then it may be possible that it is overheated. Have you checked whether the problem is due to hardware malfunction or hardware failure?

How will you detect that your computer has frozen? The best way is to press the Num Lk button present on the keyboard and see whether the light associated with it turns off or on. In case the light is responding, press ctrl + alt + del and try to end the program via task manager. In computer freezing has occurred due to software, then try to update your computer with the latest software. If computer slow is due to the driver, ensure that you have the recent drivers for the main devices in your computer. If computer freezes due to OS, ensure latest updates are installed. If computer freezes due to overheating, examine its power supply and check its fan. Ensure that the CPU is not very hot.

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  1. good list of posts. can you write how to predict if system is about to freeze? that way one will be able to save his work and close some windows/apps..