Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Make Money With Your Photos

Making money by selling your photos even before you pick up your digital camera. You have to look for what sells. You have to know what is it that the buyers are looking at. Buyers are looking at photos of architecture, art, asian, black, blue, summer, sun, sea, people, face, fashion, woman, youth, green etc. The wesite fotolia has some great tags for you to start on.

When you take a photograph, think as to who will be interested in them. Most of the images are used for advertising purposes or for illustrating them in magazines. For example Xmas is coming, so the advertising agencies will be looking for photos related to that. Indian Festival "Diwali" is also coming, so some companies may be looking for the Indian touch. Sometimes the photographers miss the event. But don't worry as your photos will be used anyways. Just keep uploading them in the relevant sites.

Pile up your photos in the micro stock agencies. They will give you less money but your photos will get sold in bulk. So, for 200 photos you might get $100 only. But then it is worth it!

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