Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Computer Crash - Reboot Computer

When your computer crashes, often you get worried on how to reboot computer and get it started. Reboot computer means to restart it. In this you reload the OS. If your computer freezes, this doesn’t mean that your computer has stopped functioning. It could be possible that you are having either a computer crash or a program crash.

- There are many answers to the problem. You can reboot computer by returning to the factory setting.

- You can go like this: Start> Run> type – msconfig> press – launch system restore. After this take that date on which your computer was working.

- Apart from this you can create another boot disc from a system of the similar model or you can use its restore CD.

- Move the mouse, (which usually don’t take the command). So use your keyboard and press ctrl+alt+del buttons together. Now the task manager will open. “End Task” of the application which is not responding – one by which your computer froze.

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