Monday, September 7, 2009

Compare Aweber, and Icontact

The soft wares Aweber and IContact deal with e-mail marketing campaigns. But there are some differences in their features. Aweber comes with around 50 HTML e-mail templates whereas in IContact you can find around 300 HTML templates. You can create and customize mail merge fields in IContact. This option helps you in targeting and personalizing your messages to each individual on your list. There is an Integrated What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) HTML editor which Aweber lacks. You can publish a sign-up form to your own page with Aweber. This means that once a visitor your website the program creates a sign-up form so that the turns into a subscriber for you. The visitor can be directed to any page of your web site once they fill up the form. A similar feature is found in IContact. IContact provides you with RSS feeds but with Aweber you can turn your RSS feeds into an e-mail newsletter. There is an advanced feature of 500kb of image hosting included for storing of commonly used images in IContact but Aweber lacks this feature.

IContact has white list agreements with national ISPs to make sure your message makes it to your contact's inbox. Both the servers provide the marketers with a standard spam check feature but personally I think Aweber’s anti spam policy is better. IContact has a feature where small target oriented segments are created based on the criteria set by you. You can then send personalized e-mails to these segments.

There is a live chat option in IContact website but this option is not available to an Aweber subscriber.
AWeber is priced at US $19 for a month if you have a 500 subscriber base whereas IContact is priced at a mere US $9.95 for a monthly subscription with same subscriber base.

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