Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Compare Google Analytics, WebTrends and XConversions

The Web Analytics world is full of different types of soft wares which claim to be the best. It is up to you to find the one which suits your need and of course the one which fits your budget.

Web Analytics uses web logs to analyze the data whereas Google analytics uses Javascript which is embedded into a web page. That is why Google analytics cannot track JPEG, GIF, PDF and FLASH files. It cannot capture the spiders. X Conversions new PRO version is equipped with Javascript tracking and PHP tracking. Web analytics is used by many corps and corps do not want to share the data with Google.

Web analytics provides customized options to its customers whereas Google has limited number of customized options. Google collects the data and host it for you but Web analytics can host data on your server also. X Conversion can host data in as many number of servers as you want. Google and X Conversions are easy to implement and consume less time whereas Web analytics consumes a lot of time.

According to a survey done in 2007:

- The number of visitors at Google analytics was 521 and in Web analytics, it was 2132.

- There were 2638 page view in Google analytics and 16287 in Web analytics.

- But 84.9% visitors returned to Google analytics as compared 67% at Web analytics.

It is good to use Google analytics as a tool to track user behavior but Web analytics and X Conversions as a tool for facts and figures.

Your data is secure with Web analytics and X Conversions but you don’t know if Google are looking at your data.

Web analytics has a support of 9 languages whereas Google analytics has a support of 8 languages.

Google is free software but both the Web analytics and Xtreme Conversions come for a price.

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