Sunday, September 13, 2009

eBay Coupons

When a customer buys products from eBay, at times he or she is offered a coupon by the participating merchant or the customer service. This activity is done for promotional purposes. It is mandatory to have an account with eBay and you also have to choose to pay via Paypal, if you want to receive the coupons.

In case you are one of those lucky ones who have been chosen to receive coupons, then you will get them via e-mail, an onsite offer, a mailed catalog or a postcard. The only thing you have to ensure is that the e-mail address for your eBay user ID on the coupon is also on your Paypal account. There are a few simple steps to use your coupons:

- After logging in the eBay account (using the same user ID as on the coupon), seek for those merchants who accept Paypal. Or simply look for Paypal logo.
- Many a time people use expired coupons. These do not work. Therefore you must make certain that the coupon is valid.
- Always select Paypal as your payment method before checking out.
- Double check that the e-mail addresses of the Paypal account and that of the eBay account is same.
- Next, enter the redemption code on the face of your coupon.

eBay is starting a new program called eBay Bucks. To test the program, eBay sent e-mails to selected few users. These users were using eBay from a long time and to appreciate this, eBay Bucks was started. An average rebate of around 3-4% was given. Once the purchases have been made and the points are credited to the eBay Bucks account, those eBay Bucks can be used in a similar fashion as the eBay coupon or Paypal coupon. The program is at a very early stage and it will be some before we will be hearing any reports about its efficiency.

eBay and Paypal coupons are hard to find. It is like finding needle in haystack. There are several reasons attached to it. When eBay issues a coupon, there is none or very little benefit involved. This is because even though eBay has given you a discount, it still has to pay the seller. For example if you get a $20 coupon and you use it, eBay still has to give that money to the seller. This cuts down on the profit margins. Same is for the Paypal coupons.

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