Sunday, September 13, 2009

Product sourcing for ebay

Product sourcing means ‘finding products to sell through your business’. The product is bought at a wholesale price and then sold while keeping a profit margin. For an internet marketer it is a significant issue since most of his success depends on good product sourcing. There are many other aspects that a marketer has to keep in mind and product sourcing is one of them. Product sourcing increases profit margins, allows you to have flexibility in offering discounts to your customers and you can give tough competition to your peer sellers.

There are a few steps you must take to ensure effective product sourcing for eBay.

• You must do a lot of research and be the first one to find the products. You should sell those products to the customers that they wish for. On eBay you will find ‘Hot items by category’. There will be Super Hot, Very Hot and Hot items based on the demands that customers make. Under the category of ‘What’s Hot’ there is a section called ‘eBay Pulse’ which lists out the words that have been used maximum number of times. You can specifically target the products on knowing these words.

• There is an ‘In Demand’ link that points out the top-selling products and you can make your decision based on these stats.

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