Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Efficient PPC

PPC or Pay-per-click campaigns have always been a tedious task and involve a lot of time and energy. Web Monsters have found solution to build up the speed of PPC campaigns. It is called Efficient PPC, the latest tool developed by Felix Leshno. He has developed an innovative way to do affiliate marketing better and faster. And as the name suggests the software not only delivers quality, it efficiently manages the PPCs. With this you can build high-relevance, high Quality Score Google AdWords within a few seconds resulting in the generation of huge and relevant traffic.

Efficient PPC has an advantage over Speed PPC. Efficient PPC can create multiple campaigns at once, automatically splits large ad groups and large campaigns, has a keyword editor, duplicates the campaigns fast and has automatic campaign error detection. There is an option of automatically dividing the campaign into unlimited Ad groups and eight built in keyword lists.

However Efficient PPC has some drawbacks. In this the campaigns have to be saved first and then uploaded one at a time. Hence the uploading process is rather slow and wearying and cumbersome. It cannot export the saved campaigns to MSN adcenter. Also the Efficient PPC cannot be used with Yahoo Overture and other PPCs like ask.com, Looksmart and Miva.

Felix Leshno, the software developer has to work on the problem of reducing the uploading process.

The Efficient PPC software is priced at US $347 or US $99+$19 (monthly) which makes it competitive in the business, since its equals are more expensive. Some people are of the viewpoint that it is very cheap and a hike in prices would do no harm. In my opinion, Efficient PPC is worth a try since you are getting more advanced features at a low price. This is truly called tech oriented.

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