Monday, September 14, 2009

Free PPC Affiliate Tracking Software

PPC Affiliate Tracking software is free software that was founded by Wes Mahler who is also the CEO of Tracking 202 Inc. This company is located in San-Francisco, California and is sometimes referred to as T202. Though this company primarily deals in Pay-per-click (PPC) affiliate marketing analysis, it also offers advanced features like keyword cloaking, keyword tracking, spy view etc.

Online marketers’ greatest challenge has been to track down their ads and keywords campaigns. You have to split your work in testing ads and tracking your keywords to know which ones are gainful. This is a very cumbersome process and a lot of time is spent in tracking the PPC accounts and campaigns, not to mention the hole in your pocket. This is where T202 comes to your rescue. It is a perfect solution to provide affiliate marketers an easy way to track PPC campaigns however large or small they may be. This software package helps you with all the testing and tracking. There are easy to read graphs, automatic keyword trackers and automated profit calculations. Now you don’t have to waste time logging each of your PPC accounts and affiliate networks to manually record data.

T202 can track any network and you can see every click as it happens. Now that is an advanced feature and you don’t have to wait to see your conversions. T202 maximizes (Earning per click) EPC calculations and EPC’s features are EPC per keyword, EPC per text ad, EPC per referrer and EPC per PPC account.

The spy view feature is found only in T202 whereby you can see the actions of the visitors on your site. The software guides you by telling which keywords are making money so that you can remove the ones that are making you loose money. T202 is a free service and you must try it.

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