Thursday, September 24, 2009

Top 4 Reasons Of Computer Crashes

One of the most common and annoying problems for the people who use PC is computer crashes. The issue is extremely frustrating mostly because of the fact that the programs which were running well have now stopped. Did you know that Window's Vista happens to be Microsoft's most stable OS? But alas, even it has some bugs. However computer crashes are not solely related to your operating system. It is you, the user who has to share the blame. There are several reasons for your computer crashes:

1. First reason can be attributed to your computer being too hot. This means that one of the hardware pieces inside your computer has been producing enormous amounts of heat. But your computer can manage heat pretty well. It is the dust that will form a layer around your hardware which will then insulate it. The heat will not be able to escape resulting in a computer crash.
2. It could be possible that your system drive is malfunctioning.
3. The computer has an internal power supply. In case you have a bad power supply, the RAM and the graphic card inside begin to malfunction.
4. If your computer has corrupt files, then you are gone! Sometimes you download some programs from the net which are categorized as malware. They are badly coded and once they are removed from the computer, they error filled tags which are also called corrupt files. If such a program damages your registry file, your computer crashes.

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