Monday, September 28, 2009

How To Solve Windows Problem and Solution

The computer is a machine and eventually it may have some or the other technical problems. So the key is to keep your computer in a position to keep it running. You can easily prevent issues with the Windows computer by performing a periodic maintenance. You must vacuum clean it once in a while so as to remove the dust from within the PC.

So the first step is why to buy a new one. How about speeding the one you already have. Often you can actually speed up your computer with cheaper options. The best way to improve your computer’s speed is to have enough memory space and your hard drive space should also be increased.

Yet another windows problem is that they crash due to power fluctuations. Protect your computer from power fluctuations. Try to get a small battery back up for it. This way your computer will run even though your power is gone.

My computer often got into problem especially if I opened sites that were not legitimate. So the PC must have Firewall and an Antivirus Software. This will keep the hackers out of your computer and also keep the viruses at bay.

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