Monday, September 14, 2009

Keyword Discovery

Similar to Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery is a comprehensive tool that is used by the professional search engine optimizers to increase the website traffic. Keyword Discovery is one up than Wordtracker. It pulls data and provides you with statistics regarding keywords from over 180 search engines from around the world.

It is very important to look up for those keywords that are relevant to your product or services and at the same time are popular amongst the customers. If you know this your web site traffic would increase. Any internet marketer would want a boost in his or her sales. Keyword Discovery comes as an efficient rescuer in such a situation. It not only optimizes the content of your web page, it also augments your pay-per-click campaigns. At the same time it takes the traffic away from your competitors.

For some people it has proved to be the most comprehensive tool while for some it has proved to be better then Wordtracker and Yahoo or Google keyword tools.

There is a feature that provides keyword searches on industries. This tool tracks down the most popular words and phrases used in the various industries and the data enables you to compare results with your present situation. Keyword spelling mistakes are also detected by this tool. People in various countries spell the same word in different manner. This flaw can be used to your advantage. Another element is Keyword Effectiveness Indicator, or KEI. ‘KEI is a logarithmic scale that aims to quantify the effectiveness of any search term’. The KEI value is in between 0 to 10. The Keyword density tool of this software checks the density counts of keywords of the web page and recognizes the words that are being used by your competitors.

Keyword Discovery is more expensive than Wordtracker at US $69 (standard subscription), US $599.40 (standard subscription - yearly), US $495 (Enterprise Subscription - monthly) and US $4455 (Enterprise Subscription – yearly). Depending upon your needs you can choose from the offers. Details are given in the web site of Keyword Discovery.

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