Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ebay Affiliate

The word ‘Affiliate’ means to become a partner or an associate to a person or a company. In internet marketing ‘Affiliates’ are of major importance because, they are the real force behind your earnings. Affiliate program works by giving you a URL to send people to their sites which contain your Affiliate ID. You are given a percentage of commission for each sign-up. eBay is a success story and its contributors are the eBay affiliates. The eBay Affiliate program pays internet pulishers, Web masters, online partners and eBay sellers to increase sales of their online store.

An Affiliate is always looking for opportunities to make money. To become an eBay Affiliate you have to sign-up. The signing up is free. The sign-up form directs you towards the commission junction where you will find different affiliate programs. You work is to drive quality traffic towards the eBay or one of its partners. Article writing is one of the best ways of marketing your product. Whenever you write articles about eBay, always include your Affiliate links.

Once you have registered, you have to advertise eBay. For this eBay supports you thoroughly with a well structured approach. It provides you with a variety of tools to run your campaigns. You can choose according to your business model. Their ‘Editor kit’ helps you in making custom made banners and ads. eBay tools work according to your geographical location. They redirect the visitors to your site keeping in mind the demographic profile of the location. eBay also tracks the behaviors of the visitors. This helps them in determining the commission that has to be paid to the Affiliates. Depending on the quality traffic eBay pays your commission. Therefore you have to be careful in segregating the buyers. The commissions are given on a monthly basis. The more traffic you send, the more you get paid. Did you know that even if you don’t sell or buy from eBay you can make income as an Affiliate? All you have to do is send the active traffic to their website and a minimum $12 is paid to you for this! Commissions are tracked and payments are directly made to the banks.

Optimizing the campaigns is a successful strategy for any affiliate program. Lots of tools are available on the net which aid in optimizing. eBay Affiliate can identify their business models from a list provided and use facilities such as content writing, eBay API, shopping comparison and Ad Networks to enhance their traffic.

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