Tuesday, September 22, 2009

World of Warcraft - mmorpg

The multi-player gaming principles that are used in the World of Warcraft can be used in the business world too. This was reported after a research that was conducted by Deloitte. It stated that the organizations can learn a great deal from the gamers across the world which shows so much innovation, and collaboration amongst each other.

This is because the gamers are dealing with an environment that is changi8ng all the time and is so uncertain all the time. They keep looking for the new techniques and new strategies that can prove to be quite relevant to the world of business.

For this Deloitte used the example of knowledge economy, that is coming up around the world and include discussion forums, wikis, databases and some instructional videos also.

Researchers found out that millions of participants around the world have been interacting energetically. This helped them in increasing their rate of performance in the game.

This sharing has been looked upon as institutional innovation as the gamers are using spreadsheets to compile the data to work more effectively.

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